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Wines from the Old World

The following selections come from the Old World. In geographic terms the Old World refers to Europe and the Mediterranean basin and in the context of wine, tradition and place. We have organized the list first by country, then by style; from lightest to fullest bodied. Bottle size is 750ml unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include applicable taxes.

White Wines

Versi Bianco IGT 2007
Fondo Antico, Sicily, Italy

A 50-50 blend of Inzolia and Grecanico – two indigenous Sicilian grapes. Dry and light-bodied, with a bright crisp finish. Tropical aromas and flavours of orange citrus and peach. Unoaked. A great aperitif wine, or paired with appetizers or seafood dishes.

Pinot Grigio Marca Trevigiana IGT 2009
Masottina, Veneto, Italy

Classic Pinot Grigio – light- to medium-bodied, dry and refreshing. Aromas and flavours of fresh citrus, apples, and pears with mineral notes. Unoaked. Try on its own, or paired with appetizers or vegan and lighter-style dishes.

Grillo Parlante IGT 2005
Fondo Antico, Sicily, Italy

Grillo is an indigenous Sicilian grape, and also the Italian word for cricket, which is why there’s one on the label. Grillo Parlante means “talking cricket”, the original name for Jiminy Cricket in the classic Italian novel Pinocchio. As a wine, Grillo is dry, unoaked and medium bodied, with tropical aromas and flavours of stone fruit and pineapple. A seafood wine but also a good match for chicken and other poultry dishes.

Soave Classico DOC 2007
Balestri Valda, Veneto, Italy

A blend of Garganega and Trebbiano grapes, from an area surrounding the historic castle town of Soave, in northeast Italy. Medium-bodied and dry, with aromas and flavours of baked apples, pear, almonds, with honey notes. Unoaked. Try with chicken or vegan dishes, as well as seafood, especially scallops.

Friulano DOC 2007
Ronco del Gelso, Friuli, Italy

This wine, made from 100% Tocai grapes, received its eleventh consecutive Tre Bicchieri award from Gambero Rosso in 2008. Made following organic methods, it is medium-bodied and dry with intense aromas and flavours of exotic herbs, nuts, honeydew melon, and dried fruit (figs). Refreshing and crisp, a great match for dishes featuring earthier ingredients, or with herbs, including mushroom pastas, roasted chicken, grilled fish, and stuffed pork.

O Rosal 2006
Terras Gauda, Rais Baixas, Spain

A magnificent blend of Albariño, Loureira, and Caiño Blanco, all indigenous grapes from Galicia in northwest Spain. Medium-bodied, dry, with a very long, elegant finish. Rich aromas and flavours of golden delicious apples, pears, and citrus, with gentle floral and mineral notes. Unoaked. In addition to seafood, match with vegan and chicken dishes.

Godello Val de Sil DO 2006
Bodegas Valdesil, Galicia, Spain

From a rare indigenous grape grown in the remote Sil River Valley in northwest Spain. This wine comes from vines that were cuttings of over 100 year old vines, the first Godello vines planted in the region and still in family hands. Medium-bodied, dry, and smooth. Rich tropical aromas and flavours of white peach, almonds, and beeswax. Unoaked. It’s a great match for richer seafood, vegan, and chicken dishes.

Sancerre “La Croix au Garde” 2008
Domaine Henry Pellé, Loire Valley, France

The modern winery is located in the picturesque village of Morogues just east of Menetou-Salon, in the Loire Valley. Anne Pellé has run the domain since 1995. The vineyards are on chalky soils, rich in marl and oyster shells, and they practice organic viticulture. This wine was fermented in neutral vats using native yeasts, and kept on the lees until bottling, creating the perfect tension between acidity and fruit. Vivid apple and pear aromas and flavours with mineral notes. Polished and elegant, with a long clean finish. A great match for shellfish, seafood, and pork.

Chablis 1er Cru “Vau de Vey” 2005
Château de Maligny, Burgundy, France

Château de Maligny is owned by the Durup family who have lived in the village of Maligny since the 15th century, and are now the largest landowners in the appellation. The wines are fermented and matured in stainless steel, resulting in consistently fine Chablis with the characteristic mineral nuances of the terroir, but with welcome fruitiness drawn from the
Chardonnay grape. Pale straw colour with green tints, with rich fruit – apple and pear – aromas
and flavours with pronounced mineral tones, which enhances the structure and character. A long
finish, and a great match for fuller dishes, including seafood, chicken, and pork.

Goldberg Riesling QbA 2009
Weingut Johann Peter Mertes, Saar, Germany

Since 1891 five generations of the Mertes family has cultivated vines in the Saar River Valley. From vines grown on steep slate slopes of the Wawerner Goldberg (or Golden Mountain), this crisp, dry Riesling offers up citrus fruit aromas flavours – limes in particular – with mineral notes and a vibrant finish. Classic dry Riesling; a great match for spicier dishes, seafood, and pork.